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CEO Sancy Suraj: Elevating Corporate Training to New Heights

Sancy Suraj is the CEO of Knowles Training Institute, a leading corporate training company headquartered in Singapore. With over 400 …Read More

Knowles University14/04/2023

Achieving the Impossible: A Chat with Sancy Suraj, the Motivational Speaker

Sancy Suraj is a renowned motivational speaker, memory athlete, and trainer who has achieved numerous feats in the area of …Read More

Knowles University13/04/2023

From Memorizing Digits to Motivating Millions: Sancy Suraj’s Journey as an Inspirational Speaker

Sancy Suraj is a renowned memory athlete, memory trainer, and inspirational speaker who has made a significant impact on the …Read More

Knowles University13/04/2023

The Keynote Mindset: Insights from Memory Expert Sancy Suraj

We had the privilege of interviewing Sancy Suraj, a renowned keynote speaker and memory expert who has made a name …Read More

Knowles University13/04/2023

Memory, Mindset, and Entrepreneurial Success: A Conversation with Sancy Suraj

Sancy Suraj is a memory athlete, trainer, and successful entrepreneur based in Singapore. He is the founder and CEO of …Read More

Knowles University13/04/2023

The Memory Masters: Recall Academy’s Interview

Sancy Suraj, the CEO and founder of Knowles Training Institute, has become a prominent figure in the training and development …Read More

Knowles University13/04/2023

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